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Features of Xceednet ISP Management Software

Find out how Xceednet’s ISP Software is making business easier for ISPs in various parts of India.

Easy Setup

Xceednet’s ISP Billing Software offers incredibly quick and easy setup and deployment for clients along with scalability. You can start your ISP business or migrate to our platform within minutes.

Subscriber Management

Manage the complete subscriber cycle with XceedNet, including lead management, customer acquisition, onboarding, user migration, and managing existing subscribers and their activities.

Bandwidth Management

Gain complete control over network bandwidth with our bandwidth management software. Get real-time traffic data, manage the allocation of minimum/maximum bandwidth, and implement bandwidth controls for each plan. 

ISP CRM with Helpdesk

Serve your subscribers better through a centralized interface with Xceednet ISP CRM Software. Our integrated helpdesk allows you to receive, track, manage, and resolve complaint tickets, while enabling customer communication via multiple touchpoints.


Generate insightful business reports from real-time data and metrics to analyse and track business growth, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), assist in making important decisions, and improving the overall service to boost revenue.


Optimize your service network and utilize flexible workflows for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) with Xceednet’s bandwidth software.

ISP Billing Management

Get paid on time, every single time. Our ISP Billing Software automates your entire billing process, including invoicing, vouchers, payment tracking, billing updates, renewals, and more, with flexible billing options.

Payment Integration

Xceednet offers integration with 15+ payment gateways and includes options such as PayPal, Visa and Master Card, M-Pesa, VoguePay, PayStack, Netcash, etc.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Management

Offer Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and internet access to guests and visitors in residential, commercial, and public places with our hotspot management software

SMS & Email Integration

Xceednet offers SMS gateway and Email integration to send automated notifications to customers for payment reminders, complaint ticket status, OTP authentication, offers, and more.

Xceednet – The Top-Rated Cloud Hosted ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software in India and various parts of the world.

Internet connectivity and the adoption of digital technology is growing at a substantial rate across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and other major states. There are tremendous opportunities for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to fulfil the demand for high-speed internet in countries like Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Nigeria, Algeria, Zimbabwe, etc., and fill the connectivity void in East African nations.


To meet the rising demands, ISPs need a robust management and ISP billing system like Xceednet that will help them stay on top of the competition. With Xceednet’s highly efficient ISP Management Software, you can easily bring down operational costs, boost revenue, and grow your business easily.


The Xceednet ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software is a leading cloud-based SaaS solution that helps ISPs and telecom providers in India and other parts of the world organize their business operations centrally, optimize customer engagement processes, automate payment workflows, control bandwidth, and maximize their revenue. From setup and customer onboarding to bandwidth management and billing, Xceednet’s ISP software offers comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions that can handle every aspect of your ISP business. Just connect your MikroTik Routers to Xceednet’s Amazon AWS-powered bandwidth software and take your ISP business to the next level!

Why Choose Xceednet as your ISP Management Software?

Xceednet is an end-to-end powerful ISP billing and Bandwidth Management Software that can handle all tasks related to your ISP network. Here’s what makes Xceednet the right Bandwidth Management Software for ISP businesses in India, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries.

Affordable Cloud-Based Solution

Xceednet is an all-in-one cloud-based software hosted on Amazon Web Services. Enjoy unparalleled growth as you bring down costs, streamline operations, and automate billing workflows with Xceednet at affordable rates.

Stable, Secure, and Scalable

Enjoy a high-performance bandwidth control and ISP Billing System with stable and secure connections with high scalability. Xceednet will accompany you as you expand your business from one home to one country and beyond without requiring dramatic increases in expenditure.

Easy Integration and Migration

Xceednet will easily integrate with your current system. If you’re looking to shift from your existing platform, Radius server database, or export CSV / Excel data to Xceednet, our team can help you move to our cloud-based bandwidth management software within minutes.

24/7 Support

Xceednet has a professional technical team dedicated to providing assistance whenever required. We work as an extended team for our clients and ensure that your ISP business is up and running smoothly at all times. 

Improved Business Efficiency

Minimize operational inefficiencies, eliminate errors, break free from performance bottlenecks, and quickly adapt to changing business needs with Xceednet. Get rid of redundant platforms and procedures and save at least 30% on your operational costs with our ISP software.

Solutions for Every Market

Xceednet is one of the best ISP management software, known for offering effective and automated end-to-end solutions for all your ISP business needs, allowing you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers. 

Trusted by over 10,000 customers world-wide

A Wonderful Opportunity to Grow your ISP Business!

If you’re starting a new ISP business in Africa or looking to expand, Xceednet is your best bet. Our powerful ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software is designed to support your business and provides solutions for immediate challenges as well as long-term goals, boosting your business growth and profits.

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