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Who can use XceedNet’s WiFi Business Software?

Our WiFi Hotspot Management Software is ideal for


Take customer satisfaction to the next level with high-quality Wi-Fi services in your hotel. With XceedNet, you can offer free and paid internet access with automated processing, bandwidth controls, and Hotel PMS integration, thereby boosting occupancy and revenue, acquiring loyal customers, and strengthening brand image.



Leverage the power of Wi-Fi in your restaurant to boost sales and improve social presence. With XceedNet’s WiFi hotspot business software, you can provide internet access to customers, increase their dwelling time, and entice them to order more.


Educational Institutes & Libraries

Enhance the learning experience in educational institutes and libraries with Wi-Fi. With our WiFi bandwidth control software, you can deliver internet access to students and staff with real-time management. Offer accessibility to a range of online resources while also improving administrative efficiency.



Integrate Wi-Fi technology into your daily operations and deliver advanced healthcare to patients. With XceedNet, you can offer internet access to patients, visitors, and staff members, track inventory, access patient profiles, and manage communication smoothly.


Homes and Offices

XceedNet offers top-notch broadband solutions for homes and small to medium-sized offices and enterprises, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, secure. and high-speed internet connectivity for surfing, social media, work, as well as entertainment with affordable pricing plans.


Public Wi-Fi

Scalable from one building to the entire city, XceedNet allows governments and companies to provide free Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity to the general public as well as tourists in public places, airports, railway stations, and government offices.


Retail Stores

Engage customers and promote your brand with WiFi access in retail stores. With XceedNet, you can offer internet connectivity to customers and employees alike, allowing you to manage inventory better, make payments easier, and advertise products with a customizable login page. 

XceedNet – #1 WiFi Hotspot Business Software in Kenya

In every sphere of life, Kenyans have become increasingly dependent on digital technology and the internet. There is a growing need and demand to have constant internet connectivity at all times. To meet this demand, a number of hotels, retail stores, restaurants, educational institutes, etc., across Kenya have adopted WiFi business software to offer Wi-Fi connectivity to people. Internet and W-Fi access are among the highly sought amenities at any location. With XceedNet’s Wi-Fi hotspot, broadband connection, and WiFi bandwidth control software, you can experience the power of high-speed internet and give your guests and visitors a smooth, stable, and seamless internet experience. XceedNet is an all-in-one WiFi hotspot management software that offers feature-rich broadband connections to homes and offices as well as Wi-Fi hotspot solutions to businesses on a cloud-based interface. From basic single room broadband and Wi-Fi setups to enterprise-range solutions with extensive Wi-Fi coverage, XceedNet offers unparalleled scalability with a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage network system. We provide complete customization and control over bandwidth speed, billing, data plans, access duration, user data, and authentication – all of it tailored to your needs. With XceedNet, you can gain freedom from burdensome tasks and unnecessary expenses and dedicate yourself to business growth.

Benefits of XceedNet WiFi Hotspot Business Software

XceedNet’s industry-leading WiFi Hotspot Management Software has become a popular choice among homes and businesses that wish to enjoy internet connectivity and offer Wi-Fi access to guests and visitors. Here’s why

Secure and Scalable

From single rooms to several buildings, XceedNet’s WiFi Business Software can be scaled to meet the needs of your growing business, offering secured network connections to users.


     Get a fully customizable and branded splash page for the login screen. Create your own page, upsell and cross-sell products, display advertisements, and offer social Wi-Fi login.


Bandwidth Control

     XceedNet’s WiFi bandwidth control software offers real-time monitoring functionality, allowing you to control bandwidth usage and restrict abuse. You can set separate bandwidth limits for staff and visitors.


Boost Revenue

Generate additional revenue and grow your business with free, paid, and freemium Wi-Fi services. With an XceedNet subscription, you get to save money and keep all of your profits.

Boost your Business Efficiency and Revenue with XceedNet today!

Located in the heart of Nairobi, the XceedNet office is based at the ICEA building at Kenyatta Avenue in the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi, Kenya, and is easily accessible via all modes of transport. You can visit our Nairobi office or contact us via email at onuko.brian@xceednet.com or by calling us at +254-702447334.
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