Bandwidth Management Solutions

For Internet Service Providers And WiFi HotSpot Operators

Plans Starting From ₹400/- plus Per Month

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Cloud based solution

No need of expensive servers and No need of installation. Just connect your router to our cloud based Radius service and you are ready to manage your internet subscribers!!

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Just call us at any number given below and we will setup your account in few minutes. We can also upload your customer data for you.

Internet Subsciber Management

Manage your internet subscribers at homes, offices, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants, cafes.


Most cost-effective and economical cloud solution in the market today.
Call us for lower rates if you have 100+ active customers.


Managing small to large network of Internet Subscribers made easy. You can be a large internet service provider (ISP) or a restaurant owner providing free wifi access to your customers. All you need to install at your end is MikroTik router. Our cloud based software will take care of the rest. Manage Bandwidth, Create data plans, generate invoices, track payments, track customer complaints with easy to use interface.

For Internet Service Providers, retaining customers and growing business has become a challenge in today's cut throat competition. Customer's expectations are sky rocketing and the package rates are dropping every day. Customers are not only demanding high speed but are also expecting maximum up time. Managing these expectations with available staff and resources is only possible with the help of a software designed specifically for ISP industry.


  • Create Customized Data Packages
  • Customer Billing & Payment tracking
  • Detail Reports
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • OTP authentication
  • CRM & Helpdesk
  • WiFi Hotspot Management
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Generate PINs/Vouchers for new customers or renewals
  • IP or MAC Authentication

Internet Subscriber Management

Create various internet access plans, assign them to customers. Auto generate invoices and track payments. Customers can view their usage and billing online.

CRM & Helpdesk.

Track and manage customer complaints efficiently.


Generate various reports to analyze the available data. It not only helps to visualize location's progress but also can help improving the service.

Premium Features

Seamless integration of the software with your existing website on your own domain name. Log the customer usage to our cloud servers.

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Bandwidth Management Software For MikroTik Routers and WiFi HotSpots

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