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ISP Billing Software

Manage your Internet Hotspot WiFi subscribers at homes, offices, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants or cafes.

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Internet Subscriber Management Software

Xceednet Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ISP Software For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and WiFi Hotspot Operators

powdered by AWS

One of the Best ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software available in the market today. Widely used by ISPs and WiFi HotSpot operators in various parts of India. This is a 100% cloud-hosted Radius software that is hosted on the highly available Amazon AWS cloud. Are you an ISP or a WiFi Hotspot service provider? Try our cloud-hosted ISP Billing software FREE. All you need is a MikroTik router at your end to try our software. Just configure your MikroTik router to connect to our cloud-hosted ISP Subscriber Management Software and you are ready to manage internet traffic for your Subscribers. Manage your WiFi Hotspots using our easy-to-use Hotspot Management Software.

Starting a new ISP business and looking for ISP Software?

Try our ISP Bandwidth CRM FREE. Start your ISP business with a minimum investment using our Amazon AWS cloud-hosted ISP Billing software. Just install a MikroTik router or install RouterOS on a PC or a Server at your location (depending upon the number of internet subscribers you are going to cater to). Our team members will be glad to configure it in a few minutes to connect to our cloud-hosted Radius service and you are ready to start your ISP business. Are you already using any on-premise Internet Subscriber Management Software or ISP Billing Software and tired of maintaining expensive servers? Call us to find out how you can save at least 30% of your operational cost. All you have to do is, just switch from on-premise server-based software to our 100% cloud-hosted software and save money.

Create customized data plans and assign them to your Subscribers. Allow your Subscribers to pay online to renew their plans. Generate invoices and track payments through simple-to-use screens and forms. Generate various reports to track the Subscriber billing and usage. Create data plans with a “Fair Usage Policy (FUP)” to keep control of the heavy usage Subscribers. Generate vouchers for Internet access and sell them to your Subscribers. Send SMS Alerts to the subscribers for various notifications. Provide free or paid internet to your Subscribers in hotels or cafes.

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Internet Subscriber Management

Internet Subscriber Management

Most economical ISP Management Software. Manage your internet subscribers at homes, offices, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants, cafes with minimum investment.

WiFi Hotspot Billing Software

100% Cloud Hosted

Hosted on robust and highly available cloud infrastructure of AWS ( Just connect your MikroTik routers to our cloud hosted Radius service and you are ready to manage your internet subscribers!!

Instant Setup of Internet Billing Software

Instant Setup

Being a cloud hosted software, there is need for you to buy expensive servers and to spend money on their maintenance and monitoring. Just call us or email us and we will setup your account and configure your MikroTik routers in few minutes. We can also upload the data of your existing customers for you.


  • Reports
  • WiFi Hotspot Management
  • Vouchers
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Invoices & Payments
Report Generated By ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software
WiFi Hotspot Management
Vouchers Generated By ISP Customer Management Software
ISP Subscriber Bandwidth Management Software
Invoice & Payments Management through ISP Billing Software

Generate PINs/Vouchers for new customers or for renewals of data plans


About Us

Managing a small to a large network of Internet Subscribers made easy for you. No matter how big your network of internet subscribers is. You can be a large internet service provider (ISP) or a restaurant owner providing free WiFi access to your customers. You can easily manage your internet subscribers through our cloud hosted ISP Management Software which is a Radius service on cloud. You don't need expensive servers at your end. All you need at your end is one or more MikroTik routers (depending upon your internet subscriber base) and configure them to connect to our cloud hosted Radius service and we will take care of the rest. You can start creating data plans and start assigning them to your customers in no time. Create vouchers, generate invoices, track payments, track customer complaints using a very easy to use interface.

  • CRM & Helpdesk

    CRM & Helpdesk

    Never leave a customer complaint unattended. Assign the complaints to your service personnel in few clicks. Keep customers in loop by providing them the latest status of their complaints through SMS notifications.

  • Reporting


    Generate various reports to analyze the available data. It not only helps to visualize location's progress but also can help improving the service.

  • Premium Features

    Premium Features

    Seamless integration of our software with your existing website on your own domain name. Provide your customers an access to a dashboard, which they can access through your own domain name on which they can check their account. Also, maintain the Syslogs for the customer usage on our cloud servers (optional).

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Use our futuristic payment gateway integration and give your customers the best payment experience. Allow your customers to subscriber/renew data plans on their own by making online payment.

  • Create Customized Data Packages

    Create Customized Data Packages

    We have made creating data plans very easy for you. Now you can create customized data plans by setting upload/download bandwidth limits with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or with any duration of time limit for your customers. You can set time slots for the daily cycle and also set Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

  • Customer Billing & Payment tracking

    Customer Billing & Payment tracking

    Get paid faster than you have ever imagined! Our ISP management software manages everything, from billing, invoicing, tracking payment status, to HotSpot billing and many more. All the features you expect from a Billing Software exclusively designed for ISPs are here. Also, the payment tracking is very secure and easy to use.

  • OTP Authentication

    OTP Authentication

    Use OTP Authentication to confirm the identity of you customers. Assure your customers that their account data security is a top priority for you and also for us.

  • SMS Gateway Integration

    SMS Gateway Integration

    Integrate your own SMS gateway account. Obtain a complete engagement from your customers. It provides the most reliable and comprehensive SMS notification system.

Internet Service Providers

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Made For MikroTik

Xceednet is fully compatible with MikroTik (RouterOs) and we are listed on MFM.

Xceednet Supports the Prime Minister's (PM) vision of this initiative is to establish an Open Architecture based WiFi Access Network Interface (WANI).

Xceednet provides a software application and backend authentication infrastructure for users to signup, discover WANI compliant WiFi hotspots, and do single-click connect from within the App.