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How can I install Xceednet ISP Management Software?

Xceednet ISP Management Software does not require a server to run. It's a SaaS service hosted on highly available Amazon AWS cloud. All you have to do is configure and connect your MikroTik to our cloud Radius server.

Do I need any technical skills to setup Xceednet Software?

No. You do not need any technical skills to setup Xceednet. It takes only a few minutes to get started. All you need is your Mikrotik router.

Do I need a public IP to use Xceednet Software?

No. You do not need a public IP. You only need an Internet connection to setup and use Xceednet Software.

Can I import my subscribers from other RADIUS systems to Xceednet?

Yes. You can easily import your subscribers to Xceednet. Our support team will be glad to help you import your existing subscriber data.

How much time do I need to setup Xceednet, migrate my subscribers, and connect my routers?

The whole process takes only a few minutes to setup and migrate your subscribers. Our support team is always there to help you.

Is there a limit for the number of subscribers I can add?

The number of subscribers that you can manage is virtually unlimited.

I manage multiple remote locations. How do I manage it?

You can easily manage your multiple locations under operator dashboard. This way you can isolate the locations and manage the subscribers separately under various locations.