Features of our ISP Subscriber Management Software

Our software is developed for ISPs (Internet Service Providers). It has all the functionality which an ISP expects in an ISP Billing and Subscriber Management Software. To list few of the features, the software offers Customized Data Packages creation, Customer Billing & Payment tracking, Detail Reports, Payment Gateway Integration,  OTP authentication, CRM & Helpdesk, Wi-Fi Hotspot Management, SMS Gateway Integration, Generate PINs/Vouchers for new customers or for renewals, IP or MAC Authentication. It has everything that saves your time and makes your ISP business a success. Our software is one solution for all.

Our easy to use Internet Subscriber Management software helps you to manage your internet subscribers at home, offices, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants, cafes and anywhere you wish. Just install a MikroTik router at your end. Our support team will help you to configure and connect it our cloud hosted software and you are ready to use it. Try our software FREE for one week. Just submit your information here and we will contact you for setting up the FREE Trial account.

CRM & Helpdesk allows you to track and manage subscriber complaints effectively. The more effectively you solve the complaints the happier your clients are. Happy clients is the first step towards your success in this competitive market.

Just with one click, you can generate various reports to analyze the available data. Analysis is the key to save time and solve issues. Our reporting tool not only helps to visualize the location’s progress but also can help to improve your service.

Who can benefit from XceedNet WiFi Business Software?

Our WiFi Hotspot Business Software is ideal for:


Make your guests’ stay memorable with high-speed Wi-Fi at your hotel. With XceedNet, you can offer free and paid Wi-Fi access, with Hotel PMS integration, billing options, and bandwidth control, increasing occupancy rates and ensuring a satisfying customer experience from check-in to check-out.


Create enjoyable dining spaces with Wi-Fi access at restaurants and cafes. By helping customers stay connected, you increase the time they spend on the premises, inviting them to order more, thereby boosting your revenue and acquiring loyal customers.

Educational Institutes & Libraries:

Enrich your students’ learning experience with Wi-Fi in educational institutes and libraries. With XceedNet, you can offer secure connections to students and teachers, providing access to online resources and making learning and management more effective and efficient.

Public Wi-Fi:

XceedNet’s WiFi bandwidth control software allows governments and corporates to offer city-wide internet access to help residents and visitors stay connected as they work, commute, or relax. XceedNet is easily scalable and can be used in airports, offices, railway stations, and other public places.


Embrace the power of Wi-Fi and reshape healthcare services at your hospital with XceedNet. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can offer internet access to patients, visitors, and staff members, handle appointments and billing, access patient details, track inventory, and deliver exceptional healthcare to patients.

Retail Stores:

Establish a unique brand identity and engage customers with Wi-Fi access in retail stores. XceedNet’s WiFi Hotspot Management Software allows you to offer in-store internet access to visitors, advertise products, manage inventory and billing, and persuade customers to extend their visit and make a purchase.

Homes and Offices:

XceedNet offers quality broadband solutions for residential and commercial spaces. You can rely on our budget-friendly broadband connections with high-speed internet connectivity for work, learning, social media, as well as entertainment.