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Manage internet connections for your hotel guests through our Hotel Wi-Fi Management software module.

Is Wi-Fi important to hospitality businesses?

According to a survey conducted by Motorola Solutions, over 90% of business travelers want Wi-Fi access in their rooms, and a third of them wouldn’t return to a hotel without one. Hotspot management software plays a major role in providing internet access to Hotel guests.

And it’s not just for business travelers. Research by Netgear showed that 1 in 3 leisure travelers wouldn’t go back to a hotel with poor-quality wireless internet access.

From the figures above, it’s safe to assume that Wi-Fi access is becoming an important qualification that travelers look for in a hotel.

Customer Satisfaction

At the very least, most guests expect hotels to have Free WiFi access in rooms. Many guests who are on a business trip are ready to pay for the “paid access” for the higher speeds.

Nowadays, guests ask receptionists what the WiFi password is instead of asking them first if they have WiFi service. People just assume that every hotel provides WiFi service.

Imagine how the guests would react when they discover there’s no WiFi.

Here is a fact from Google Consumer Insights 2018:

More than 70% of travelers agree they use their smartphones when traveling. They use it to “research activities or attractions, locate shopping areas and restaurants, or to simply look for directions.”

In addition, a reliable internet connection allows your guests to check their emails and social media. It allows them to do the things they normally do at home – stream videos, post on social media, watch movies, and many others.

Increase your guests’ satisfaction with complimentary WiFi.

Convenient During Hotel Events

If your hotel hosts events like gatherings, business meetings, debuts, marriages, etc., WiFi should be one of the amenities on the top of your mind.

Everyone who has ever managed one of these events would tell you how important having reliable WiFi is. Data plans are useless in some cases.

During these events, WiFi is important for:

  • Music
  • Presentation
  • Video conferences
  • Research
  • Communication

The convenience WiFi brings during these events is a selling point you can use to acquire more customers.

In relation to this, you need to secure a reliable WiFi solution.

Xceednet makes everything hassle-free for you. In fact, all you have to do at your end is to connect your MikroTik router and the expert support team will do the rest.

If you’re wondering about any additional costs, there’s no need to worry. There are no expensive servers. Everything runs on the cloud.

And the best thing? You can start now with the Basic plan which would only cost you $9/week in which you can manage 25 online subscribers.

But if you’re the type who wants to see the benefits first, well then… Xceednet offers one-week FREE Trial Account for guest WiFi management. Simply sign up Here.

Connect with Guests

By hosting a Hotspot WiFi, you can build a portal page that guests have to visit before gaining access to the internet.

The idea is to expose guests to elements linked to your hotel brand. It’s also a great way to let them know about the other amenities and services you offer:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Gaming facility
  • Restaurant (don’t forget the menu)
  • Massage services

At the same time, a portal page is a dime in terms of marketing:

  • Advertisement for self-promotion
  • Online menu
  • Email collection

When you make the experience as pleasant as possible, guests would start seeing your hotel as more than just a business.

Customer Feedback

Like the portal page, it’s also possible to have a feedback page that your guests can simply fill out from their mobile devices. If you don’t have one, you can also place a link on the portal page to your business account on Yelp or Tripadvisor (or whatever review forum/service you’re using).

It’s vital that you do this. It gives you information and ideas about what your guests liked or disliked about your services and which areas you can improve.

Online reviews can make or break your business. Research from BrightLocal showed that 86% of consumers research and read reviews about local businesses. 57% would only make business with those who have 4 or more stars.

Asking them for feedback via this method is convenient — both for the guests and yours. You can also send them a notification using your network so you wouldn’t forget.

Promote Customer Loyalty

As mentioned in the statistics above, WiFi is becoming an important factor customers look for in staying at a hotel.

Experiencing a free and fast wireless internet connection is one of the things your guests wouldn’t forget after staying at your hotel. In this age, it’s one of the best things you can do to turn your guests into loyal customers.

At the same time, it’s possible to offer returning customers access to a faster connection as a reward for their loyalty.

Xceednet makes it possible for you to create various internet access plans and assign them to your subscribers. This makes it possible to give loyal customers a connection faster than the one you’re giving first-time guests.

Rewarding your loyal customers is one way you can show how much you care about them. It’s important for your business too seeing that 65% of revenue comes from existing customers.

Instant Communication

At one point, your guests will need something from your staff — help with luggage, order food, something broke, etc.

The traditional method is through intercom where the guests would have to find out first which number he/she should call. Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient on the side of the guests to instantly message your staff (perhaps the receptionist or manager) through the network and everything gets taken care of?

At the same time, there’s almost no delay in terms of communication with your staff. One can instantly pass the message through another using the network. If a porter is needed in the reception area, the receptionists can send a message right away to the porter using the network.

WiFi doesn’t only make your guests happy customers, it also helps your staff improve their services.

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