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Xceednet – The Best ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software in Kenya.

Digital technology and internet use have grown exponentially in Kenya over the past few years. To succeed as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you require more than a speedy connection. In this high competition, Xceednet’s ISP Management Software is just what you need to manage and grow your ISP business.

Xceednet’s ISP software is a state-of-the-art OSS/BSS solution that helps ISP and network providers streamline their operations, automate billing and invoicing, manage bandwidth, reduce costs, and generate better revenue and profits.

Our end-to-end SaaS Bandwidth Management Software for ISP can manage and monitor all aspects of your day-to-day operations without any hassle, enabling you to run your business effectively and help you reach newer heights of success without needing significant investments in time and money.

As one of the best ISP management software, Xceednet is 100% cloud-based, feature-rich, and scalable. From subscription and integration to billing and ISP CRM, Xceednet caters to all your business needs and ensures seamless end-to-end subscriber lifecycle management.

All you have to do is connect your MikroTik Routers to our Amazon AWS hosted cloud bandwidth management software and begin your journey towards growth!

Who can benefit from XceedNet WiFi Business Software?

Our WiFi Hotspot Business Software is ideal for:


Make your guests’ stay memorable with high-speed Wi-Fi at your hotel. With XceedNet, you can offer free and paid Wi-Fi access, with Hotel PMS integration, billing options, and bandwidth control, increasing occupancy rates and ensuring a satisfying customer experience from check-in to check-out.


Create enjoyable dining spaces with Wi-Fi access at restaurants and cafes. By helping customers stay connected, you increase the time they spend on the premises, inviting them to order more, thereby boosting your revenue and acquiring loyal customers.

Educational Institutes & Libraries:

Enrich your students’ learning experience with Wi-Fi in educational institutes and libraries. With XceedNet, you can offer secure connections to students and teachers, providing access to online resources and making learning and management more effective and efficient.

Public Wi-Fi:

XceedNet’s WiFi bandwidth control software allows governments and corporates to offer city-wide internet access to help residents and visitors stay connected as they work, commute, or relax. XceedNet is easily scalable and can be used in airports, offices, railway stations, and other public places.


Embrace the power of Wi-Fi and reshape healthcare services at your hospital with XceedNet. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can offer internet access to patients, visitors, and staff members, handle appointments and billing, access patient details, track inventory, and deliver exceptional healthcare to patients.

Retail Stores:

Establish a unique brand identity and engage customers with Wi-Fi access in retail stores. XceedNet’s WiFi Hotspot Management Software allows you to offer in-store internet access to visitors, advertise products, manage inventory and billing, and persuade customers to extend their visit and make a purchase.

Homes and Offices:

XceedNet offers quality broadband solutions for residential and commercial spaces. You can rely on our budget-friendly broadband connections with high-speed internet connectivity for work, learning, social media, as well as entertainment.

Why Choose Xceednet as your ISP Software?

Xceednet is an industry-leading ISP billing and bandwidth management software that can provide comprehensive solutions to all your business needs. Here’s why you should choose Xceednet as your ISP management software:

All-In-One Solution: We provide an end-to-end solution to streamline, manage, automate, and grow your ISP business to its best potential. You can manage all aspects of your business under one roof with Xceednet.

Save Cost and Time: There is less requirement for hardware infrastructure or maintaining expensive servers. Moreover, switching to cloud bandwidth software can help you save at least 30% of operational costs and improve business efficiency.

Flexible and Mobile: Our ISP Billing Software is highly flexible in use and can be easily operated by anyone. Moreover, we also provide mobile access to data to our ISP clients, making network management easier.

Effortless Migration and Integration: Xceednet can be easily integrated into your existing systems. Our team can also assist you to migrate from your current platform, from any Radius server database, or using exported Excel / CSV data to our cloud-based bandwidth management software without any hassle and within minutes.

Professional Support: Xceednet has a dedicated professional team working round the clock to guide, assist, and provide help to you whenever needed, ensuring smooth management and functioning of your network.

High Scalability: Scale up your business across Kenya with ease. Our powerful bandwidth management software for ISP companies can manage multiple sites, hierarchies, locations, and franchise operators.

Solutions for Multiple Sectors: Xceednet provides easy, effective, and end-to-end bandwidth and ISP billing systems for the retail sector, hospitals, educational institutes, hotels, libraries, restaurants, public spaces, etc.

Start Growing your ISP Business Today!

If you’re looking to start a new ISP business, get in touch with Xceednet. With our ISP Billing and Bandwidth Management Software, we will help you establish a fast-growing ISP network with minimum investment and fully automated billing and admin work.