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Manage WiFi Hotspot connections for your Free Public WiFi Hotspot using our Public WiFi software module.

Public WiFi is globally adopted and has a huge role in improving the quality of life. Softwares which functions as hotspot speed manager plays a major role in delivering Public WiFi.

Free Public WiFi has paved ways for efficient and better communication to improve public mobility, emergency response, internet literacy, economic and tourism growth and educational prospects.

Our dependency on Wi-Fi technologies is rising exponentially. According to Cisco’s White Paper, total global public wifi hotspots will grow sevenfold from 64.2 million in 2015 to 432.5 million by 2020.

Here are ways how the public can benefit from free wifi:

Public Administration and Improvement

To begin with, wifi helps in the public administration sector. It can be the medium for the dissemination of information and announcements to the public. It is also a great opportunity to empower communities with better services.

As an example, let’s take the city of Santander, Spain. This city brought the IoT (Internet of Things) to the next level through their SmartSantader smart city program. It was developed and elaborated by the municipal government as part of the city’s strategic plan.

They placed static devices at fixed points in the city. The purpose was to track various resources and see how they were used in response to real-time environmental conditions. With the help of the municipal public wifi network hosting most of the town, they were able to gather data about:

  • Water
  • Waste
  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Roads
  • And others

Another advantage of public wifi is seen in public libraries in the communities. Similarly, even those who do not have an internet connection at home can benefit from free wifi access in seeking:

  • Public services
  • Online job opportunities
  • And even access to online education
  • Access to e-books
  • Online journals

Public Transport and Traffic

Equipping public transportation with wi-fi access is another manifestation of how public wi-fi positively affects the people.

Most noteworthy, locals and even commuters can access real-time traffic information. In effect, they can plan their travel routes better. Furthermore, commuters are able to access the internet for personal entertainment on the go. As a result, they may have a quality travel experience.

According to a study by Donald Shoup:

On average, 30 percent of the cars in congested downtown traffic were cruising for parking.

To demonstrate, the city of Barcelona solved traffic congestion by deploying responsive technologies across urban systems including special parking sensors. These devices work with an online application that shows the available parking areas.

Accordingly, these innovations yielded noteworthy cost savings. At the same time, they enhanced and improved the quality of life for locals, and even made a place for the young IoT (Internet of Things) industry.

Emergency Response

Providing wireless internet access in an emergency situation is an obvious, logical step.

This would be vital to the communication tools for people in disaster response, especially in rescue missions. Furthermore, wireless internet access is helpful in reaching out to your loved ones in emergencies.

Authorities also benefit from public wifi in responding to emergency cases:

  • Increased information flow
  • More timely information
  • And improved reports

However, to make all this a reality, the public would need a wifi hotspot service like Xceednet.

Xceednet features details reports useful for emergency responses which helps visualize progress and improve any services.

Here are other notable features of Xceednet:

  • Cities can make use of Customized Data Packages to minimize cost. Operators have Bandwidth Control where limits and even time slots can be enforced. Bandwidth control, one of the features Xceednet offers, provides data limit and fair usage policy.
  • Governments can send emergency messages to subscribers via Xceednet’s SMS Gateway Integration. It’s also possible to generate reports for the list of all SMS sent.
  • Governments can have Detailed Reports from whatever branch or department wherever in the city anytime. The Report Generation is capable of extracting and analyzing the available data.

What’s best is that cities don’t need expensive servers. Xceednet is a cloud-based solution. Cities would only need to install MikroTik routers and connect them to Xceednet’s AWS cloud-based radius service.

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Economic and Tourism Growth

When traveling, people would want to stay in contact with their loved ones. Certainly, they would like to share holiday pictures and experiences on their social networks.

Another incentive of public WiFi for tourists and travelers is the ability to check travel information and itinerary. As a result, tourists are more encouraged to travel to any locations if they can use the internet for free.

One thing to remember in having impressive free internet access for tourists is that:

When tourists enjoy their stay, the local economy benefits.

In addition, hotels who offer free WiFi also benefit. A study from Systemagic showed that free wifi connection coupled with high speed and good connectivity are powerful tools for hotels to expand customer satisfaction.

To point out, guests would not opt for a hotel or inn that don’t offer free wireless connection. Therefore, investing in an excellent WiFi service is an important key in attracting holidaymakers. It’s beneficial for both public and commercial economic growth.

Educational Prospects

Because of the evolving standard of education and the flexibility offered by the Internet:

Universities, colleges, and educational institutions set up secured integration of wireless internet connection. This step improves the digital studies’ curriculum by leveraging WiFi-enabled devices for educational purposes.

Moreover, smart education techniques can be in anyone’s fingertips, anytime and anywhere. The result would be the development of digital inclusion. Meaning, those with disabilities as well as the underprivileged who can’t go to schools can take online courses for free.

The availability of public WiFi in schools would help students gain access to supplementary sources like:

  • E-books
  • Online journals
  • Videos
  • Audios

This helps in innovating teaching techniques based on collaborative and interactive learning for effective pedagogy to happen.

In an educational environment, it is best to assert and dispense control in terms of usage of public WiFi connection of the students. Undisciplined students have tendencies to cheat during class examinations, copy-paste answers, and access their social media accounts during class hours.

Most WiFi services like Xceednet features web content filtering to protect children from inappropriate content. This feature would allow the WiFi manager to select the categories of content to block.

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