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OpenWRT and Coova Chilli-Based Wi-Fi Solutions for the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is experiencing a digital revolution, with guests increasingly demanding reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi as a fundamental amenity. Whether it’s for business travelers needing to attend virtual meetings, leisure guests streaming their favorite shows, or families keeping in touch, a robust and secure Wi-Fi network is now essential.

Hotels looking to meet these expectations are turning to custom Wi-Fi solutions to provide a seamless and secure connectivity experience. One potent combination for achieving this is OpenWRT and Coova Chilli. In this article, we will delve deeper into how OpenWRT and Coova Chilli can be harnessed to create a robust Wi-Fi solution tailored to the unique needs of the hotel industry.

The Power of OpenWRT

OpenWRT is an open-source firmware framework designed for embedded devices, such as routers. It empowers users to replace the manufacturer’s firmware with a customizable, community-driven solution. This flexibility makes OpenWRT an ideal choice for hotels aiming to adapt their network infrastructure to meet specific guest requirements.

Why OpenWRT for Hotels?

1. Flexibility: OpenWRT grants hotels the freedom to customize and optimize their network to address guest needs effectively. Features like captive portals, Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth control, and VPN support can be added to enhance the guest experience.

2. Security: In the hotel industry, security is paramount. OpenWRT ensures that the network is fortified against vulnerabilities with regular security updates and patches. It also supports Virtual LANs (VLANs), allowing the isolation of guest traffic from internal hotel operations.

3. Cost-Efficiency: OpenWRT is a cost-effective solution that can be installed on a wide range of off-the-shelf router hardware. This significantly reduces upfront capital expenditure for hotels.

4. Community Support: OpenWRT benefits from a large and active user community, providing hoteliers access to a wealth of knowledge and support when setting up and maintaining their network.

Introducing Coova Chilli

Coova Chilli is a robust open-source software package developed for creating captive portal-based Wi-Fi hotspots. It is highly compatible with OpenWRT and offers extensive features for managing guest access efficiently.

Key Features of Coova Chilli for Hotels

1. Captive Portal: Coova Chilli enables hotels to implement a captive portal, which is a web page that guests encounter when connecting to the Wi-Fi. This portal can display terms and conditions, request authentication (e.g., room number and access code), and serve as a branding opportunity for the hotel.

2. Authentication Options: Guests can be authenticated via various methods, such as username and password, access codes, or social media logins. This flexibility ensures that hotels can choose the most convenient and secure method for their guests.

3. Bandwidth Control: Hotels can manage bandwidth allocation to ensure fair usage and quality of service. For instance, they can allocate more bandwidth to conference rooms or high-traffic areas.

4. Logging and Analytics: Coova Chilli logs user activity, providing valuable insights into network usage. This data can be used for marketing, troubleshooting, or improving the guest experience.

How to Set Up OpenWRT and Coova Chilli for Hotels

Let’s dive into a high-level overview of the steps involved in setting up OpenWRT and Coova Chilli for a hotel Wi-Fi network:

  1. Select Suitable Hardware: Choose OpenWRT-compatible router hardware based on the hotel’s size and requirements.
  2. Install OpenWRT: Flash your selected router hardware with the OpenWRT firmware.
  3. Configure OpenWRT: Set up your router with OpenWRT to support the hardware, internet connection, and basic network settings.
  4. Install and Configure Coova Chilli: Install Coova Chilli as a package on your OpenWRT router and configure it to manage your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Customize the Captive Portal: Create a branded and user-friendly captive portal with authentication and terms of service details.
  6. Set Up Authentication Methods: Define how guests will access the Wi-Fi, whether through access codes, social media logins, or other methods.
  7. Implement Bandwidth Control: Configure bandwidth control and Quality of Service (QoS) settings to optimize the network’s performance.
  8. Monitor and Analyze: Regularly review the network’s performance, user activity, and analytics to make necessary adjustments.


OpenWRT and Coova Chilli offer hotels an affordable, secure, and flexible solution for providing top-notch Wi-Fi services to their guests. With customization options, user-friendly captive portals, and the ability to manage network resources effectively, this combination can significantly enhance the guest experience and set hotels apart in a competitive industry.

By investing in OpenWRT and Coova Chilli-based Wi-Fi solutions, hotels can build a solid foundation for delivering seamless connectivity and staying competitive in the digital age. This not only meets the expectations of modern travelers but also leads to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately benefiting the hotel’s bottom line.